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Dietary habits changing with the increase in consumption awareness has led to the diversification of consumption demands. In the preference of animal products, the way of raising the animals and the use of hormones and antibiotics are in the first place, while the second place is the appearance (color, softness), then the taste (aroma), freshness, price, and nutrient composition. Upon the demands for the supply of healthy and safe animal products, the breeders started to use antibiotic alternative products.


With our solution suggestions, We as Kartal:

• Help to maintain the nutrient profile and oxidative stability of animal origin foods.
• Take the necessary steps to minimize the amount of pathogen in the intestinal contents and to prevent possible contamination risks in slaughtering.
• Carry out studies to obtain healthy and hygienic products and protect consumer health.
• Make the right product recommendations to obtain products that maintain their freshness for a long time.
• Make recommendations to extend the sale/storage period of the products obtained without being spoiled on the shelves and losing their taste.
• Provide support with products that are important in terms of increasing the economic profit of the producers with the decrease in the waste rate.


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AV3 It is a biological antioxidant containing extracts that protect cells by preventing the formation of free radicals causing intracellular oxidation and oxidative stress. Detail
SELSAF It is an organic source of selenium with high bioavailability. Detail