As Kartal Kimya, we continue to develop innovative products to meet the demands of our customers globally, and we work for this day and night. We are proud of having the most comprehensive laboratory in the field of feed additives in Turkey. We collaborate with highly qualified university researchers, scientists, and manufacturers to develop and evaluate the feed solutions that the world needs today and for the future.


We develop our products according to their in vitro and in vivo efficiencies. Since basic laboratory tests do not always reflect field conditions, we establish partnerships and produce projects with the most distinguished universities and institutions in the field of animal nutrition in Turkey.


Our R&D department conducts a wide range of product trials on related livestock species such as cattle, sheep and goats, poultry, fish. These in vivo studies are designed and implemented by our team of expert zootechnicians and veterinarians in different fields.


Our R&D team has the capability of optimizing and expanding our current product range to meet the demands of our global customers by conducting both in vitro and in vivo trials.


Technical training is provided in our laboratory according to the demands of our industry stakeholders.
Some of our trainings are as follows:
• Vitamin Color analysis with LPLC
• Training on the determination of titrimetric purity of amino acids
• Training on the determination of minerals and heavy metals from ICPQS Device

Our In vitro Studies

Our In vivo Studies

‘’Our expert technical team develops and evaluates feed additive solutions that the world needs both for today and the future.’’