Kartal which leads many innovations in feed additives industry, took the monitorability of production to the next level and blazed the trail. Our automation system has been updated with the Buhler-Wincos system.
What we have developed with this innovation,

Monitoring of Raw Material and Final Products

Every inputs used in production is barcoded with smart sensors. Smart sensors provides real-time, meaningful information to increase the productivity, efficacy and flexibility of the production industry. The smart sensors are extremely important components of digital
manufacturing and Industry 4.0 which enables responsive and fast production. With its automatic data monitoring and configuration features, the process is provided to operate in a fast, reliable and easier way.

Warehouse and Stock Control

Sensors are a kind of sense organs that will provide data to the machines to be used in production. Intelligent sensors connected directly to the source and located in the company network allow faster transfer of data. Sustainability is ensured by controlling product inputs and outputs at every stage.

Dynamic Contamination Control

Products that will cause contamination are introduced to the system. If such a product enters into the system, the system gives an alarm. Thus, when necessary, the system interferes with fast and easy changes in the process to ensure the production runs efficiently.