Program for Fight Against Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a disease caused by the protozoa called Eimeria, which is especially common in poultry farming. Especially, the damage it creates while proliferating in intestinal epithelium causes deterioration of intestinal health and a decrease in feed utilization. It causes the animals to become more susceptible to secondary diseases and loss of performance. In the acute form, the death rate increases, and serious economic losses occur.


To prevent coccidiosis, vaccinations are made or various anticoccidial use programs (straight, shuttle, rotation, and cleaning) are applied. To prevent resistance development, synthetic and ionophore group anticoccidials should be used by changing according to shuttle or rotation programs.

Since vaccinations are not directly effective against the agents in the intestine and the agents develop resistance due to the regular use of anticoccidials, herbal products have gained importance soon, against the possibility of restrictions on the use of anticoccidials as in antibiotics. These herbal products which can be used safely throughout the entire growing period without the need to remove them from the rations are often preferred as ‘’natural anticoccidials’’ in organic animal breeding and for producers who do not want to use chemical anticoccidials.


Thanks to our 35 years of knowledge and experience, we provide great support for the prevention of problems caused by coccidiosis and the creation of the right combat programs with the quality and effective products in our product portfolio.



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