Boosting Immunity

Immunity in poultry can also be affected by environmental and nutritional reasons such as care conditions, stress, and ration imbalance in addition to being shaped by animal-related reasons such as immunosuppression, age, genetic predisposition. Although the most important point in boosting immunity is to pay attention to biosecurity, hygiene, and disinfection, vaccinations against pathogens are also of great importance. Moreover, it is possible to support the immune system with minor interventions in the rations. The immune system is adversely affected in the absence of one or more substances such as protein (methionine, lysine), vitamins (A, D3, C, E), organic minerals (Se, Zn) in the diet. Different feed additives support and activate the immune system. The use of antibiotics as feed additives is prohibited since high performance is obtained from animals by eliminating pathogenic bacteria, as well as leaving residue in the end-product and causing resistance development in both animals and the end consumer.


At Kartal, we offer natural product alternatives that can be used safely in all types of production, the effectiveness of which has been proven by scientific studies to support immunity, a healthier digestive system, and increase resistance against pathogens in animals. We stand by you with our solutions to strengthen the immune system to achieve higher performance values.


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SAFMANNAN It is a premium yeast fraction rich in mannan oligosaccharides and B-glucans (1,3 and 1,6) Detail
SAFTOX (POULTRY) It is a broad spectrum mycotoxin binder composed of active molecules and natural silicates derived from yeast cell wall. Detail
SELSAF (POULTRY) It is a source of organic selenium with high bioavailability Detail
AV3 It increases live performance and meat quality in broiler chickens. In laying hens, it increases egg production and egg quality, boosts the immune system. It supports liver detoxification Detail