Intestinal Health

Reaching high-performance values and gaining more profit in commercial poultry farming is only possible with a healthy digestive system. The digestive system should be in optimum conditions to raise the level of utilization of nutrients, prevent susceptibility to secondary diseases and achieve higher performance values. Intestinal health may be adversely affected due to the quality of the raw materials in the diet composition and the antinutritional substances (urease, trypsin inhibitors, non-starch polysaccharides) it contains toxin contamination and exposure to pathogens due to poor care conditions. Apart from these, many bacterial and viral pathogens and parasitic factors such as Eimeria also pose a threat to intestinal health. With our proven product range for all these problems, we support intestinal health and aim to achieve maximum gain.


As Kartal, we stand you for healthier, more efficient, higher quality, and lower cost production with product alternatives for digestive tract/intestinal health, whose importance is increasing day by day.


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BALANGUT It is a unique blend of mono-, di-tri-glycerides of naturally occurring short and medium-chain fatty acids Detail
AV3 It is a biological antioxidant containing extracts that protect cells by preventing the formation of free radicals causing intracellular oxidation and oxidative stress. Detail
KARBIYOTIK G It is a probiotic approved by the European Union, consisting of a special strain originating from Bacillus subtilis. Detail
KERLAIT Kerlait is a natural antibacterial plant extract rich in flavonoids obtained from cinnamon, thyme, and oregano plants. Detail
EMANOX Natural antiparasitic plant extract containing garlic, licorice and mint extracts. Detail