We were founded in 1985 by Yusuf Kanat in Levent Industrial Estate. Since our establishment, we have become one of the most important players in the animal health and feed additives industry with our high product quality and production technology, our innovative products, our vision, our entrepreneurial structure, and our financial strength. With our high-quality feed additives and specially prepared solution-oriented products, we have been an important supplier to our local and international customers since 1985.

Today, we as the most modern production facility in Turkey and Europe produce innovative and high-quality products with high-tech equipment and win-cos automation system established by Bühler company, the foundations of which were laid in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone in 1995.
To control the quality standard of the products we manufacture at Kartal Kimya, we conduct analyzes in our own laboratory. For quality control, we test 1500 kg of each serial product 6 times at the Kartal Kimya laboratory, and keep one copy of each sample analyzed for one year

We work with companies that produce high-end raw materials to produce high-quality premixes. Our focus is to contribute positively to animal health and production under our own brand and to create a permanent value for the Turkish livestock sector with our product portfolio.
As Kartal Kimya, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations in all aspects of economy, environment and society. We reflect this awareness by shaping a sustainable and reliable future with our corporate values and honest principles. We work every day to “make a positive contribution to life”.


To protect people and nature by producing healthy, reliable and high quality products with our innovative approach and high-level technological infrastructure. Briefly, ‘to contribute to life positively.’


To be a leader in animal health and feed additives industry in Turkey and Eurasia with our proven products

Our Values



We believe that the future belongs to those who can imagine it today. We design all our products and services with this belief and strive to offer the most effective approaches for today and the future.



We believe that quality is the most important issue in every field and all processes, from production to management. To illustrate, we are the sole FAMI-QS certified feed additive and premix company in Turkey by certifying that its products meet European standards



For more than 35 years, we have been leading the industry and winning the approval of our business associates. Because we are trying to do our job in the best way with our scientific approaches and the new technologies we use.



We think and transform the future with sustainable and innovative ideas that will minimize the negative impact of our products and production processes on the environment, our employees, and our society. Our award for ‘’Association of Healthy Cities Environmental Facility’’ is an indication of this…



We constantly follow new ideas, approaches, and techniques, and work to make our products and processes more efficient. Thus, we have had the most modern production facility in Turkey and Europe for more than 21 years.



Our customers are our friends we are glad to know. We always listen to them effectively, try to understand them, and offer timely and high-quality solutions in line with their changing needs and expectations.



Nothing is as strong as trust. We believe in this, build all our relationships, our working system, the quality of our products and services based on this fact. We strictly comply with the legal regulations and attach importance to the ethical values of society.



Time is life itself. We know the importance of making fast and correct decisions in today’s constantly developing and changing conditions, and we generate the right solutions for our customers at the right time.


We know that we cannot solve problems with the brains that posed them, and we encourage all our employees to think in a solution-oriented manner. By asking the right questions, we generate fast, effective, and original solutions to the problems experienced both within the company and our customers.



We are aware that agile and dynamic companies that can adapt quickly to all conditions will achieve success in today’s constantly changing and developing business world. For this reason, we always keep ourselves up to date, renew our processes and the technology we use, and offer special products, solutions, and feed formulations to our customers.



We get our strength from knowledge and science. We follow the developments in the sectors in which we engage in activity, renew our services all the time, test our products in the most modern laboratory of the sector that we have established within our own structure, and put them to the market in accordance with scientific criteria.


We know that the road to the peak is full of countless obstacles. Being one of the leading companies in the sector for more than 37 years, we owe our belief in ourselves, our determination to always achieve better and above all our hard work.